Gondolas instead of cars, canals instead of streets, houses on stilts. Venice is a unique city with a romantic charm, magnificent historical buildings and numerous art treasures. Venice, the city that seems to be sinking forever, also impresses, and sometimes perhaps because of that, with an almost morbid charm. But the Serenissima is also a city in which tourism is displacing the urban infrastructure. The needs of tourists are served, but those of locals sometimes fall by the wayside.
I tried to discover original life away from the tourist destinations. Meeting people who still live and work in the city. This was easier for me than I thought, as the life of the Venetians runs through the city like a mycelium network and exists in the midst of tourism. In addition to unnecessary knick-knacks for tourists, you can find high-quality art. In addition to overpriced hotels, there are family-run, mostly simple accommodations. In addition to souvenir shops, there are shops selling everyday products.
What do we lose if the original Venetian way of life disappears forever?




November 2023
October 2017