Faces & places

Every year I hike a stretch of the Mediterranean coast for 10 to 12 days. What was originally intended as a pure hike quickly developed into a journey with the camera. I observe people who live on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the environment in which they live. Even if the world is changing, especially nowadays it feels faster than ever, it will not be enough to displace the Mediterranean as the enclave on earth richest in history, art, philosophy, music, literature, science and technology. As the undisputed cradle of civilization, its immense cultural diversity has been projected into the world like no other. If there is something that characterizes the Mediterranean world, it is the infinity of individual cultures and at the same time the enormous diversity within each of them.
All of this can be felt as I move along the coasts, on foot, slowly, to have the calm and time to get closer to these people. I get to know some people, some elude them. Sometimes I'm allowed to take photos, sometimes not.
"Faces & Places" is an ongoing project that will stay with me for a long time.


Mediterranean Region