bruxelles art vue exhibition

October 18 – 31/2021, Brussels

G3 Art Contemporain Gallery 

Rue de la Madeleine 51, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgien, Belgique

Gunther Schweigert

Pictures never say anything about the beginning and they are silent about what comes next

Faces & Places Series

konağı   650 €

the back entrance of a turkish hostel where the greek influence can be seen


real photo print under acrylic glass
ilford black & white paper, glossy
alu-dibond back, 3 mm
artbox in aluminum, width 2 mm, depth 25 mm. shadow gap
manufactured in the highest quality
image dimensions. 48 x 27 cm
external dimensions: 59 x 38 cm
limited edition 15 copies

dissonance   650 €

scene at the new port of marseille. the luxury at the port. people have their backs turned to the old woman. the gap in society

pazar   650 €

old couple behind their market stall in the small turkish port town ayvalik on the aegean coast. they have been running their market stall for decades. every day, whatever the weather is. you can read all the emotions and experiences in their faces. joy, worry, suffering, physical work

kahve 1  650 €

visiting a turkish tea house is traditionally a man's affair. in the morning before work, during the lunch break, or in the afternoon after work and always an important social meeting point

noailles   650 €

the east meets the west in the arab quarter of noailles in marseille. a snapshot of the coexistence of different cultures

pergamon   650 €

a german photographer meets a thai tour guide at the ancient greek site of pergamon in turkey

More photos from the Faces & Places-Series

l'opera   650 €

oriental women wait for their appointment in front of the town hall in the l'opera district of marseille

le pharo   650 €

sometimes the way to the beach seems too far. sun worshipers in a car park near the plage des catalans beach in Marseille

generations   650 €

the old woman seems rather bored with the activity of the youngsters

recreation   650 €

 calm and relaxed. the sea on the costa brava in spain. nothing disturbs the idyll

once   650 €

while the woman is offering her herbs as usual, the competition is waiting with a temptation to win millions

memnun   650 €

the man seems happy and content with a game of cards

work done   650 €

while the people are doing their shopping in the morning, others stood up up even earlier to set up and stock the market stalls

balıkçı 1  650 €

after the fishermen are back in the port of the aegean city of ayvalik, the nets have to be mended

palazzo   650 €

scenery in the san marco district in venice

barber   650 €

at a turkish barber people meet to talk, drink tea and of course to shave. you can take a picture if you agree to be the next in the chair

kahve 2   650 €

as is so often the case, a purely man's business in a tea house on the aegean coast

balıkçı 2   650 €

it is only a small catch that is immediately gutted and offered on the market

pensioners   650 €

scene in a tea house in turkey. often the men, here pensioners, sit alone at the table and watch TV or the life on the street

platja d'aro   650 €

a life like in a chicken coop, but with an infinity view over the sea to the horizon at playa de aro, costa brava, spain

kahve 3   650 €

he is omnipresent and always sits at the table. mustafa kemal ataturk, the first president of the republic of turkey